Tragedy on Route 188: at least 6 killed in a head-on crash

A true tragedy occurred this Friday afternoon in The Pampa, precisely on national route 188, about 6 kilometers west of the entrance to the town of Adolfo Van Praet, near made.

Specifically, it is a frontal shock between two vehicles that caused the death of at least 6 persons: 4 of them adults and two minors.

According to some local media, and according to information provided by the Police, both vehicles are from Mendoza.

Photo: La Pampa Arena newspaper.

Those involved, precisely, are a Toyota Corolla where 4 people were traveling and a Citroën C3, whose 5 occupants lost their lives on the spot.

“Firefighters, policemen and several ambulances are working at the place where the impact occurred,” reports El Diario, from La Pampa.

Personnel from the General Pico Prosecutor’s Office were present at the scene, led by prosecutor Juan Pellegrino. They wait for the staff of the Scientific Research Agency (AIC) to carry out the skills.



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