Tragedy in Saltillo-Zacatecas adds eight deaths including two minors

To eight, the number of victims of the collision on the highway to Zacatecas on Tuesday night rose, where two minors were added to the list of deceased persons, and in the case of three adults, they were trainers of the National Council of Educational Promotion (CONAFE).

As revealed, it is Ángel González Medina, 26 years old, who was driving the Chevrolet Sonic vehicle, his wife, who was a CONAFE trainer, 25-year-old Dina Rodríguez, as well as their two children Ángel Santiago “N ”3 months old and Victor Fernando“ N ”7 years old.

Also traveling in the vehicle were Yesenia Cordero Martínez, 29 years old, and Araceli Rodríguez Compean, both also trainers, the latter’s daughter, Areli Guadalupe Baéz, as well as a minor of approximately 15 years of age, who has not yet been identified.

It was the morning of this Wednesday when relatives gathered at the Semefo facilities, to identify the bodies of their relatives, and it will be until Thursday when the results of the necropsy that are still being performed are available.

It turned out that most of the victims are from the Presa de San Pedro ejido and others from La Purísima, both located in the municipality of Saltillo, and it was Tuesday afternoon when they went to the Presa de San Pedro ejido to collect their payment and aid that they receive from the Federal Government.

Later they would go to the municipality of Saltillo to receive a training course, so two of the trainers took advantage of the fact that the husband of their partner would go to the state capital, so they boarded the vehicle in the company of one of their children.

It should be remembered that it was arriving at kilometer 305 + 300 of said federal highway, when the wagon with plates of the state of Aguascalientes and which was driven by Jorge Arturo “N”, when trying to pass, lost control of it since the pavement was found wet.

It was then that when invading the opposite lane, a Sonic vehicle with Coahuila license plates was crossed, in which four adults and four minors were traveling, where due to the strong impact, the family, in addition to being pressed into the vehicle, lost the life instantly, while the wagon driver was virtually unharmed.

As revealed, two of the minors were in the arms of their mothers who tried to protect them at all times from the strong impact; According to those who witnessed the events, after the accident, a person allegedly with intoxicating drinks got out of the Van and fled the scene, while the driver remained at the scene.

Jorge Arturo was transferred by fire paramedics to Clinic 2 of the IMSS, despite the fact that he did not present serious injuries, and it was at noon on Wednesday when he was discharged from the hospital.

After being discharged, he went to the facilities of the State Attorney General’s Office, where he was placed before the Public Ministry and it will be in the next few hours when his legal situation will be defined.

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