Traffic, LGV… The charge of the right-wing mayors against Pierre Hurmic

The hunters will demonstrate on Saturday in the streets of Bordeaux to deliver messages to Pierre Hurmic. But the mayor of Bordeaux has already been the subject of heavy fire on Wednesday from the right-wing mayors of the Bordeaux agglomeration. Governance of the metropolis, high-speed line to Toulouse, traffic… The load of elected LR and centrists was massive.

Especially since they can savor a victory. “I have very good news to announce to you, thus triumphed Wednesday, smiling from ear to ear, the mayor of Bouscat and ex-president of the metropolis Patrick Bobet (LR): the hostage-taking of the metropolis by the Greens is over ”. Understand that the right-wing mayors are reintegrating the governance of the metropolis, thanks to an agreement with PS President Alain Anziani, which isolates the Greens within the institution.

A “double defeat” for the mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic

The elected representatives of the opposition group are indeed engulfed in the breach created within the left-green majority of the metropolis, against a background of disagreement in the file of GPSO (Grand Projet du Sud-Ouest, which includes the Bordeaux-Toulouse and Bordeaux-Dax LGVs). Pierre Hurmic being against, the PS president of the metropolis Alain Anziani, fervent defender of the GPSO, had to turn to the elected representatives of the right, to make sure to pass this Thursday the subsidy of 354 million euros in favor of the project. “I no longer have a majority with the Greens” had also recognized Alain Anziani a few days ago. In exchange for this vote, the right has obtained to bring its eleven mayors into the office of the metropolis.

“It is not the return of co-management, but” shared governance “, specifies the mayor of Bouscat. We do not enter the executive, we remain in the opposition, but we will be able to study, instruct, and amend the files. “

For Patrick Bobet, “this is a new start for the metropolis, which we have been calling for for sixteen months. “And above all, a” double defeat “for the mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic, who was opposed to this governance, and who will see, except last minute surprise, the deliberation in favor of the GPSO adopted Thursday. The right has confirmed that it will vote in favor, although it will not be unanimously. “The GPSO file has put under the spotlight of the news the deep disagreement between the heads of this majority, which is rather an ineffective cohabitation, and blocking” insisted Patrick Bobet.

“Propensity for political grub …”

Pierre Hurmic was quick to react on his side, Wednesday evening. “We learn that some right-wing elected officials will vote in favor of the GPSO but that this vote is not free,” he wrote in a joint statement with the EELV mayor of Bègles Clément Rossignol-Puech. Their vote is acquired in exchange for participation in the office. Swapping his vote for this purpose is among these elected officials a propensity for political grub that we hoped to be over. For our part, we have chosen not to sell off our convictions and remain attached to the success of the project for the term of office of the metropolitan majority with an unchanged executive. “

Right-wing elected officials assure them that their vote is not just circumstantial, and that they firmly believe in the GPSO project from the start. “The position of environmentalists is surprising, attacked the mayor of Saint-Aubin-de-Médoc, Christophe Duprat (LR). They no longer want a plane, they no longer want a TGV, they no longer want a car. What do we have left? Walking and cycling. There may be cycle paths that run between Bordeaux and Toulouse, but after all, you have to leave on Monday to arrive on Friday, which is not always compatible with a normal life. “

“If we do not vote for this GPSO, continues the councilor, we will miss something. Our predecessors [coucou Alain Juppé] were visionaries by choosing the high speed which brings the territories together. If we are also a little visionary, now is the time to say yes, otherwise the train will pass and it may not come again. “

“There are people who live outside the city-center”

Winded up like pendulums, the elected opposition took the opportunity to bring out the files against Pierre Hurmic. The barely hidden goal now being to isolate the mayor of Bordeaux more and more. One file in particular, that on car traffic, or rather the directions of traffic in the streets of Bordeaux, has been hot since the start of the school year. The right-wing mayors were thus strangled to learn, through the press, that the Bordeaux town hall wanted the road to Toulouse to be potentially a one-way street. This major axis of circulation of the metropolis, which passes through Bordeaux, Talence, Bègles and Villenave d’Ornon, was however the subject of a public consultation at the start of the school year, with a view to a redevelopment for 2025.

“We had finally succeeded in finding a political agreement, at the end of a public consultation open to four municipalities, giving pride of place to soft mobility, and there the town hall of Bordeaux tells us that it is in favor of setting the road to Toulouse in one direction, rants the mayor of Talence Emmanuel Sallaberry. The bunkerization of the city-center is undoubtedly a good thing from an electoral point of view, but there are people who live outside and who have no other solution than to go through this road. And where will the buses pass? This is unacceptable, and we will not accept it, ”warns the elected official.

“I am very worried about Bordeaux” launches Christophe Duprat

This exit on the road to Toulouse, seems to be the last straw for the right-wing mayors, bordering on Bordeaux, after the setting in one direction of several traffic axes, having repercussions on their bordering municipalities, even if the town hall has announced a consultation concerning the rue de Pessac for the beginning of the year 2022.

“Where are people going to go in Bordeaux tomorrow?” »Asks Emmanuel Sallaberry. Pierre Hurmic “decided to break the rule which wanted us to do nothing without the advice of a mayor” points out for his part Christophe Duprat. “We are witnessing lane closures without prior information, and we put that behind this fabulous word of tactical town planning, which does not mean anything. I am very worried about Bordeaux, because we are increasing the constraints for people who come from outside, and the city-center is a source of attractiveness, and it has duties. We imagine that Pierre Hurmic will prefer to go out covered, this Thursday, for the opening of the debates in the metropolitan council.

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