Totally spies: a new season for the cult cartoon

All the children of the 1990s remember it. Every morning the Totally Spies spy trio were on the TV screens with new adventures. More than twenty years after its first broadcast, and years of absence, the series is back!

It was Thomas Astruc, responsible storyboarder on the series, who shared the good news on Twitter. “I don’t know if the news is already everywhere on the Internet but I just learned… THAT A NEW SEASON OF TOTALLY SPIES WAS IN PREPARATION! “If the former storyboarder will not be involved in the sequel, he said in another tweet” to be very happy “. Indeed, “it was one of the first series with girls leading. They paved the way for so many others. So I’m happy to see them back! And with new animation technologies, it should be even better. “

Clover reacts

The poster has already been released. And fans were quick to react to Clover’s face, making his first name a Twitter trend.

“They ruined Clover”, “how I can not tolerate this massacre of clover”, “what did they do to him oh no clover”, can we read in particular. In total, the series had 6 seasons and a total of 156 episodes, achieving great success. The release date has not yet been communicated.

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