Total War: Warhammer III is another title postponed to 2022

Not to discourage fans, the game has a new trailer

Total War: Warhammer III is new game to enter the list of postponed to 2022. The list, which continues to grow, is consequence of the crisis generated by the pandemic and many studios were already developing their games when they got caught up in this whole situation. Furthermore, there is the effect “Cyberpunk 2077” also.

In advertisement on Twitter, the game account said Total War: Warhammer III is scheduled to be released early next year. The same period when strong and long-awaited titles such as Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West are slated to arrive.

“We know it’s disappointing, but the extra time means we’ll be able to do more than we could if we accelerated launches for this year,” says the Twitter profile. Chief producer Rob Bartholomew said in the same statement that it is “tempting to speed to the finish line while you can see it.”

“The wait won’t be too long and we’ll have a lot of information for you in the meantime. The new date will allow for a stronger launch and the best first step into a new era in the franchise,” says Rob Bartholomew. According to him, the third title won’t be the end of the trilogy, “but the beginning of years of content and support as we continue to bring jaw-dropping content from the Total War universe.”

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In the postponement statement, an announcement about the disclosure of more information about the game was made. The new trailer shows a battle between Grand Cathay and the army of Tzeentch, two new factions in Total War: Warhammer III. The official description says that the first is the largest nation in the Warhammer universe and the other is an army of Chaos, still without much information;

Grand Cathay has already been mentioned in Warhammer’s lore through other titles, but it is the first time that the nation has shown its strength with its imposing army composed of the most different classes. The enemy force, with its horde of demons, is led by a mysterious woman who manages to transform into a dragon.

The Total War: Warhammer saga began in 2016 and has two other titles. Already to the entire franchise Total War has several titles set in different times, such as medieval, Japanese and Mediterranean wars. The last title released was Total War Saga: Troy, which gained an expansion DLC recently.


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Via: Collider, Gamerant

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