Total failure of Firefox: cloud provider triggers a bug, restarting helps users

On the morning of January 13th, Firefox suffered a total failure. Mozilla recently kicked off 2022 with the brand new Firefox 96. However, according to many user reports, the browser suddenly could no longer be used. Firefox could also be called on our systems, but surfing was either not possible or only at a snail’s pace. The update service did not run either, with many users receiving crash reports instead.

Now has Mozilla reported the problem:

“This morning Firefox had a technical malfunction because a cloud provider changed the default settings and thus triggered a Firefox HTTP / 3 bug. We have deactivated the configuration change and confirmed that the problem has been resolved. Users: who are still affected, restarting the browser will fix the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. “

Since you want to keep the number of hits and deliver a new browser version every four weeks, the beginning of May will take place Firefox 100 on the plan. This version is already being tested diligently, because it may well be that some websites choke on the three-digit user agent.

the Release-Kalender for this year the release dates for Firefox 107 are already fixed, that would be mid-November. The framework is already in place, also for the ESR versions. Here the jump from version 91 to 102 takes place in the middle of the year.

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