Torreón Public Works will prioritize arrangement in squares and parks

Around 350 million pesos is what the Municipality of Torreón will have in the budget in the various bags to which the Public Works area has access, as reported this Monday by the head of the office, Juan Adolfo Von Bertrab, who was clear noting that the main bet of the present administration will be the rescue of public areas and the improvement of services in general.

The official explained that they will also be seeking access to other resources to broaden the perspective of work actions, not only before the state authority, but also with the support of the State Government.

He mentioned, for example, the imminent start of renovation works on the Green Line, a space that will be intervened starting next Friday by the authorities of the Municipality of Torreón, but also the Government of Coahuila.

“It is a project of the State Government, but we as a municipality are going to rescue some spaces that touch it, such as sports areas and some issues that we are going to integrate there, on Friday the mayor and the governor will be announcing it.”

Regarding the priority works in the first six months of this 2022 Von Bertrab stated that “we are more focused on the issue of squares, without actually neglecting the issue of schools as well, (pavements) also, that is, the budget is varied, everything is varied, we are about to start paving works in some conflictive areas and in accordance with the State Government ”.

It was during the same Monday that the mayor of Torreón, Román Cepeda, warned that in addition to concluding some pending projects from the past administration, they could evaluate not to give continuity to others, this due to the way in which they were projected from origin or for other reasons that they are not suitable for citizens as such, however, he only specified that they are some related to Simas.

He said that “they will have to be finished, we will not be able to leave them unfinished, unfortunately they were left that way but we cannot leave them unfinished, citizens do not deserve that, there are some that have a procedure and that was planned that way, others that of course have to do with a budget and ordering issue … At Simas a thorough study is being carried out, because to conclude works that are poorly done would also be irresponsible ”.

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