Torreón payroll increases 300 million pesos

The current Municipal Administration of Torreón received the line of expenditure on Personal Services in 800 million pesos and in three years it rose to 1,121 million, which is the expense that will be delivered to the next management, which reflects an increase of about 100 million pesos per year.

The main argument for the increase in the payroll is that there are more police officers, since about 400 places were received and more than 600 will be delivered; Another justification is that the city has grown and requires more staff to attend to services, therefore, in fiscal year 2022, the centralized Municipal Public Administration will have 3,693 places, of which 2,031 are trustworthy; 1.273, base; and 390, for fees.

According to an analysis by the La Laguna Observatory, Miguel Ángel Riquelme delivered the Municipality with a Personal Services expense of 809 million pesos in 2017, which was reduced in 2018 to 800 million in Jorge Zermeño’s first year, but in 2019 increased to 900; in 2020, to 963; and in 2021 it closes at 1,121 million, which is projected at the same expense for 2022, with Román Alberto Cepeda.

The Personal Services line has been covering a greater percentage of the municipal budget, since in 2017 it was about 30 percent of the total expenditure of public resources, it gradually increased until reaching 35 percent in 2020 and will mean 38 percent in 2022.

In the historical comparison, the Observatory indicates that Torreón’s payroll rose from 196 million pesos in 2006 to 442 million in 2009, then to 623 million in 2013, to reach 800 million pesos in 2017 and will be 1,121 in 2022 .

The incoming government reported that it would make a review of the Torreón City Council’s payroll, in order to have an efficient distribution of public spending, so this would be extended to issues of public works, public services and other areas of the administration.

The elected mayor, Román Alberto Cepeda González, confirmed that a payroll review is planned; however, he did not define details in this regard.


For 2022, the Municipality of Torreón projects an annual outlay of 2 thousand 880 million 722 thousand 508 pesos in its estimate of global expenses, of which 38 percent would be for payroll; It would be 1,112 million 91 thousand 598 for personal services and 267 million 171 thousand 999 for public investment, according to the document Preliminary Budget Expenditure 2022 of the Treasury.

The payroll in Torreón involves 38 percent of the City Council’s annual budget, which is why it has persisted the indication from the business sector that it is very bulky, in addition to this not being reflected in greater efficiency. This has been exposed by businessmen in various meetings.

Among the areas with the most personnel are Public Spaces, with 345 workers, where personnel working in the Venustiano Carranza forest are not considered. Another of the most staffed departments is General Services, with 124.

Personal Services, on the rise

Sube la nómina en la actual Administración municipal:

*En el Ayuntamiento de Torreón se recibió en 800 millones de pesos en el 2018 y se entregará en 1,121 millones de pesos para el 2022.

*En el ejercicio fiscal 2022, la Administración Pública Municipal centralizada contará con 3,693 plazas, de las cuales 2,031 son de confianza; 1,273, de base; y 390, por honorarios.

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