Torreón firefighters save minors who were alone

A 5-year-old girl who wandered around the Villas Las Huertas neighborhood, east of the city and in the early morning hours, was rescued by firefighters, who had come to the fire in a vacant lot and delivered her to the authorities, along with two other minors who are her little brothers.

It was reported that at 2:30 in the morning of this Tuesday, October 12, the Firefighters went to La Viña Street, in said housing sector, to put out the fire in a vacant lot reported by the neighbors.

At the end of their work, the firefighters were returning when they noticed a girl walking through one of the streets of the place and stopped to investigate, by virtue of the time and that the little girl, 5 years old, was alone.

When asked about her address, the girl took them to her house, on Huerto San Carlos street, where there were two other children, one 8 years old and the other small 3 years old, without there being any elderly people.

Given the above, the Firefighters reported the fact to the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM), so that the Specialized Attention Unit could take charge of the 3 minors.


It was announced that the elements of the police corporation that received the children would hand them over to Pronnif, for whatever proceeds in accordance with the law.

It transpired that the grandparents of the minors presented themselves to the DSPM to claim the children, since they were in their charge, but it would be the corresponding instances that determine what is conducive.


Firefighters handed the children over to the DSPM.

* By chance the firefighters saw the girl in the street and at dawn.

* They had come to put out a fire to the east of the city when they saw the little girl wandering around.

* The three children were handed over to the Pronnif authorities.

* The children’s grandparents came forward to claim them.

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