Toledo Case: Those accused of the crime that occurred in the center are brought to trial

November 13 Rodrigo Toledo walked through Miter and Santiago del Estero at dawn with his wife Olga, his sister-in-law and her partner, when they had an altercation with a group of young peoplein the middle of the fight He fell to the ground, hit his head and died. The prosecutor in the case requested that the three defendants be brought to trial.

The main defendant is Abraham Mohamed Exequiel Tayagüi, who is identified as the author of the preterintentional homicide; Horacio Iván Palacios as a necessary participant of the crime of preterintentional homicide and minor injuries to the detriment of a woman; Y Sandra Oriana Palacios for the crime of minor injuries (two facts) in real competition to the detriment of two women who accompanied the deceased.

The prosecutor explained that it is proven that the deceased along with his companions were walking down Calle Miter at 400 when they were verbally and physically attacked by the accused, producing a brawl that ended with the death of Toledo Figueroa as a result of two fist blows launched by Tayagui, which caused him to fall heavily to the ground and hit his head on the ground. The two women who accompanied him were also injured by the actions of the other two defendants.

From the evidentiary measures produced, it can be concluded that without prejudice to the physical aggression that Tayagüi inflicted on the deceased, the fist blows should not reasonably have caused his death, which occurred due to an unfortunate consequence such as hitting his head on the road.

Regarding Palacios, he maintains that being in the place, he collaborated so that the event would materialize, haranguing Tayagüi to unfold such aggression.

In relation to the accused woman, it was possible to prove that she attacked the two companions of the victim, causing minor injuries.

The extensive request sets out the different evidentiary measures, such as the testimonials received, medical reports, security camera survey reports and others from the CIF.

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