Together he crushed in the PASO and Mauricio Macri did not take long to tweet: What did he say?

The ex-president Mauricio Macri appeared after knowing the election results 2021. The opposition leader dedicated a few paragraphs to his party after the overwhelming victory of Together in the most important districts of the country.

“Congratulations to the Argentines. All the pain we have experienced these two years brought learning”, Macri started in his post on the social network Twitter. They also highlighted: “Thank you for your courage and maturity. Now is the time to be calm, united and act responsibly”.

“There is a very harsh message here that has to do with the culture of power. We do not want to live with a government that lies, runs over, gets vaccinated first, locks us up and celebrates, he specified in the thread of the social network of the little bird Mauricio Macri.

“Today an opportunity is born for Argentina. We are beginning to see the end of populism in our country. Argentina tomorrow will have a smile again because there is a future”, concluded the leader of Together.

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