Together for Change’s strategy to stop Javier Milei’s growth

Maria Eugenia Vidal beat the list of Ricardo López Murphy and to Adolfo Rubinstein in the internship of Together for Change in the City of Buenos Aires. Although the former governor of the province achieved a good percentage in the PASO, she needs the support of the former Minister of Economy to avoid the flight of votes towards Javier Milei, one of the great beneficiaries of these elections.

López Murphy closed an agreement with the referents of Together for Change and finally it will occupy the fourth place in the list of that coalition that will compete in the legislative elections of next November 14, behind María Eugenia Vidal, Martin Tetaz and Paula Oliveto.

They will be followed by the deputy Fernando Iglesias placeholder image (for reelection), Sabrina Ajmechet (ally of Patricia Bullrich), Fernando Sanchez and Sandra Pitta.

Javier Milei obtained more votes than López Murphy and many are afraid that the votes that the “bulldog” got will migrate to the candidate of “La Libertad Avanza”. For this reason, despite the triumph, from the Vidal sector they will incorporate the economist to their list for November.

We understand that it is together, which is not otherwise, “Vidal told La Red and Rivadavia radios, hinting that he will also add Rubinstein to the campaign in some way, but it is not clear how.

Last week, López Murphy had agreed to an “addendum” (supplement) to the JxC regulations, in the event that Gender Parity Law will leave it out of the definitive list.

In this way, he managed to add that “the integration of the minority lists that pass the established floor will be carried out respecting the order of the candidates that make up that list”, guaranteeing that both he and Rubinstein would be placed on the final payroll if they reached the floor of the 15% of the votes obtained by Together for Change.


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