Together for Change requested the interpellation of Aníbal Fernández for his tweet against Nik

The Juntos por el Cambio interblock in the Chamber of Deputies requested the interpellation of the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, to explain the “use of private information” by the graphic comedian Nik and also his controversial statements against the cartoonist and former President Mauricio Macri.

The proposal is promoted by the legislators of the Lower House Soher El Sukaria, Adriana Ruarte, Cristian Ritondo, Gisela Scaglia, Martín Grande, David Schleret, Ingrid Jetter, Dina Rezinovski, Martín Medina, Carmen Polledo, María de las Mercedes Joury and María Luján King.

Aníbal Fernández considered that he was the victim of “a phenomenal, ruthless attack” for his tweet against Nik

“In the terms of article 71 of the National Constitution, to question the Minister of Security, Aníbal Domingo Fernández, to provide a report on the use of private information of the citizen Cristian Dzwonik, known by his artistic name ‘Nik’, and his family, and subsequent statements insulting the victim and other opposition leaders, among other issues regarding their role, “says the draft resolution presented by the deputies of Juntos por el Cambio.

The controversy originated from Aníbal Fernández’s tweet against cartoonist Nik, who had questioned the electoral campaign of the Frente de Todos. “Giving away refrigerators, jugs, graduate trips, plans, little money, whatever, whatever comes. How sad to never hear the word WORK, EFFORT, FUTURE, FUTURE. The DIGNITY of the people will defeat them again,” he had published the cartoonist.

Replying to the message, the Minister of Security replied: “Many schools and colleges in the CABA receive subsidies from the State and that is fine. For example, the ORT school / college. Do you know it? Yes you know it … Or do you want to let him draw you a little picture? Excellent school I guarantee it. I repeat … Do you know him? “.

The tweet was interpreted as a threat by the cartoonist, since his two daughters attend the ORT: the scandal led to a criminal complaint. (NA)

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