Together for Change: Losada celebrates, but Pullaro does not acknowledge defeat

In Santa Fe, the ship of JUntos por el Cambio put into play, at the same time as defining internal candidacies for the first time, the continuity of his helm at the command of the pure PRO or his transfer to radical hands. Although without ceasing to plow through the waters of the most staunch opposition to the ruling party.

In that context, For the national deputy category, the radical Mario Barletta (shares a list with Losada) obtains 30 percent, followed by Gabriel Chumpitaz (28.04%), Luciano Laspina (23.66%), Roy López Molina (16.18% ) and Dieter Von Pannwitz (2.09%).


The coalition made up of the PRO, the UCR and the Civic Coalition (CC) offered the greatest variety in the Passages: on the one hand, a predominantly macrista payroll (Santa Fe Une) competed, headed, in the senator category, by the national deputy Angelini and her provincial peer Amalia Granata, while in the lower house Laspina is up for re-election.

For the Senate, three lists with a radical profile were also noted, although with references from the PRO and the CC, headed by the former mayor of Santa Fe Corral (Let’s Go Together), the journalist Losada (Let’s change with desire) and Pullaro (Evolution), former minister of Management security Miguel Lifschitz.

Corral, the first radical from Santa Fe to join the macrismo, takes López Molina (councilor of Rosario for the PRO) and the national deputy as a candidate to the lower house Lucila Lehmann, of the CC.


Pullaro warns that Losada did not win the internal JxC.

Losada, meanwhile, is accompanied in the bid for the lower house by the former mayor of Santa Fe Barletta (UCR), while Pullaro is escorted by the provincial deputy Chumpitaz (PRO).

In addition, the list headed by Von Pannwitz (Republicans for Freedom), a rural leader promoted by the economist, participated in the deputy category. Ricardo López Murphy.

When voting in Rosario, Angelini emphasized that “The enemy of the Republic is Kirchnerism”, although he separated himself from his internal rivals when he recalled that his proposal was based on “Proposals, not aggressions”. And, thinking about the day after the primaries, he stressed: “On September 13 we all have to be together to move forward”.

Corral, when voting in Santa Fe, called “The disenchanted” to participate in the Passages. “Let’s not let things continue like this”, he emphasized.

In turn, Pullaro _voting in Hughes_ ratified the objective of his application: “We are going to fight to build a different agenda”.

The previous

In the previous projections, the first four spaces reflected a relative parity. And, before ending up in the Passages, they disputed the support of the national references of Together for Change

Angelini monopolized the winks of Macri, the former Minister of Security and current head of the national PRO, Patricia bullrich, and even of Miguel Pichetto. In turn, Corral reaped the endorsement of Elisa Carrió, leader of the Civic Coalition.

For the three lines piloted by radicalism, it is key to expand the reach of the opposition coalition in Santa Fe. The PRO, meanwhile, is betting on the retention of the hard vote that, in 2019, allowed it to overcome ten points in the generals and win the presidential election in the province (beyond the fact that the UCR ended up hurt by the defeat on the global scoreboard ).

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