Today’s ephemeris: What happened on October 14?

General Conesa Foundation

1869 – The Rio Negro town of General Conesa was founded by Commander Mariano Ruiz, who at first called it Fort Conesa. It has a population of just over 5,000 inhabitants and its economy is based on fruit-growing activity and an important supply of water, gas and motive power. 15,000 tons of fresh fruit are produced per year: pip and stone.

Jules Rimet: the FIFA man

1873 – Born Jules Rimet, who was a lawyer, a soccer referee, a French sports leader, who served as president of FIFA between 1921 and 1954, thus becoming the longest-serving presidents that this entity has had. In addition, he has been the great promoter of the first Soccer World Cup that was held in 1930 in Uruguay.

Jules Rimet promoted the creation of the World Cups.

Roger Moore: ¡Bond, James Bond!

1927 – Born Roger George Moore, who was a British film and television actor whose best-known role was that of British secret agent James Bond 007, a saga that already has several films under his belt. Other films in which he stood out were “Escape to Athens”, “Bed and Breakfast”, “The Enemy”, “The Sea Wolves” and “The Miracle”.

Roger Moore, one of the many James Bond.

Horacio Accavallo: complete champion

1934 – Born Horacio Accavallo, who was a flyweight boxer who competed between 1956 and 1967, and became WBA and WBC World Flyweight Champion between 1966-1968. In March 1966, Accavallo conquered the WBA (World Boxing Association) and WBC (World Boxing Council) flyweight world titles by beating the eastern Katsuyoshi Takayama in Tokyo.

Horacio Accavallo, great boxing champion.

Errol Flynn: Hollywood classic

1959 – Died Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn, who was an American actor who during the golden age of cinema in Hollywood was known for his characters as a heartthrob, reckless adventurer and romantic hero. Some of his most important films were “The Charge of the Light Brigade”, “San Antonio”, “Captain Blood” and “Dodge City”.

Bing Crosby: influence of the 20th century

1977 – Died Harry Lillis Crosby better known as Bing Crosby, who was an American singer and actor who has been one of the mythical artists of the 20th century in the world. Crosby had an unbeatable sales success with his albums (there are talk of 1000 million units), great ratings on radio stations and films worldwide.

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize!

1980 – The activist Adolfo Pérez Esquivel He received the Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to the defense of Democracy and Human Rights by non-violent means against the military dictatorships in Latin America. Among his most brazen works are “El Cristo del Poncho” and “Walking with the people. Non-violent experiences in Latin America.”

Outstanding award for Adolfo Pérez Esquivel.

José María Muñoz: the story was turned off

1992 – Died Jose Maria Muñoz, who was an announcer, journalist and rapporteur who came to stand out as the most important in all of Latin America, with a more than unique and own imprint, he also served as director of the “Oral Deportiva” on Radio Rivadavia, being on the air for 35 years. On television, he was the sports director of Channel 7 between 1970 and 1973.

Javier Portales: goodbye to Alberto Olmedo’s partner!

2003 – Died Javier Portales, who was an actor and comedian with a long career and who shared several films with the capocómico Alberto Olmedo. Other films in which he participated were “Vampires prefer chubby ones”, “Tourists want war”, “Custodian of ladies”, “The war of bras” and “Los reyes del sablazo”.

The Games started in Mexico

2011 – The XVI Pan American Games were inaugurated in the Mexican town of Guadalajara, with the participation of 42 delegations from all over the American continent and almost 6 thousand athletes. The medal table was led by the United States with 92 gold medals, Cuba 58, Brazil 48 and Mexico with 42 gold medals.

Javier Portales, one of the great capocomics of our country.

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