Today’s ephemeris: What happened on October 13?

Tania: with the soul of tango

1908 – Born Ana Luciano Divis better known as nowa, who was a Spanish singer and actress who had a large part of her career in our country. Some of his most prominent films were “Four hearts”, “Poor Pérez” and “Capricious and millionaire”.

Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady

1925 – Born Margaret Hilda Thatcher, who was a British politician who was Prime Minister of his nation between 1979 and 1990, being the person who lasted the longest in that position during the 20th century. It had a relevant role in 1982 when the Malvinas War against our country took place.

Thatcher played a key role in the Malvinas deed.

Nana Mouskouri: Greek opera from Olympus

1934 – Born Nana Mouskouri, who is a Greek singer and songwriter who had a sale of more than 300 million records worldwide. Some of his most important albums are “The white rose of Athens” and “Nana sings”.

Paul Simon: career in music

1941 – Born Paul Frederic Simon, who is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who is considered one of the best singer-songwriters in history. Belonged to the duo Simon & Garfunkel and then he went on a solo career with some hits like “Mrs. Robinson” and “Duncan”.

Javier Sotomayor: a leap to heaven

1967 – Born Javier Sotomayor Sanabria, who is a former Cuban athlete considered the best high jump in history. He has several world records, won an Olympic gold medal, two world championships, three Pan-American titles, among other accolades.

The Cuban won several titles.

Tragedy in the Andes

1972 – A Uruguayan plane with 45 people going to Chile crashed in the Andes Mountains. The group consisted of young rugby players (from the Old Christians Club), family friends and close associates. The “Tragedy of the Andes” left a balance of 16 survivors in dire circumstances.

Happy Psychologist’s Day!

1974 – In the city of Córdoba, the First National Meeting of psychologists and psychology students was held, convened by the Confederation of Psychologists of the Argentine Republic (COPRA), an organization that had been formed a year earlier. On this date the Psychologist’s Day.

Antonio Berni: the paintings lost their shine

1981 – Died Antonio Berni, who was a painter, printmaker and muralist who has been a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts. Some of his most prominent characters that were born in his works were “Juanito Laguna and Ramona Montiel”, “The tailor’s house”, “Black and white” and “The moon and its echo”.

Berni has left great works of art.

Ian Thorpe: like a fish in water

1982 – Born Ian James Thorpe, who is a former Australian swimmer who won five gold medals at the Olympics and six of the same value in a single world championship. Next to Michael Phelps (American), are the best swimmers in the entire history of this water sport.

Rescue in the mine

2010 – After the collapse of the San José mine near the Chilean town of Copiapó in August of that year, there was the rescue of the 33 workers that were 720 kilometers deep for almost 70 days. According to local data, the rescue was worth $ 29 million.

Emotional rescue of the Chilean miners.

The survivors had harrowing moments in the Andes.

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