To show unity, a PC quartermaster makes more changes

The Front of All he lost in Maipú and after the elections the mayor, Matías Stevanato, asked him to resign from his Cabinet. Beyond that particular situation, the communal chief bets to unite Peronism in his department and this gesture is demonstrated by taking a councilor from the ex-mayor’s kidney Alejandro Bermejo, to the Secretary of Government.

The Bermejo brothers, Mayor Stevanato and Chief of Staff, Sergio Mangione.

The secretariat and undersecretary of Maipú would be vacant in the next few days. Fernanda Lacoste, Secretary of the Government, she would leave her position to coordinate the Nation programs that reach the municipality. And on the other hand, Juan Pablo Gulino, Undersecretary of Government, leaves his place because he was a provincial deputy elected by the Front of All.

Who would reach the government secretary would be the current councilor Gustavo Aroma. The mayor would present the resignation to begin his new position in the municipal Executive in December.

Motivational talk to the militancy after the legislative elections.

Those close to Stevanato stated that this gesture was “unity in Peronism” since Aroma is a person of the “kidney of Ale”, they described it that way. The mayor came to the Council in the 2019 elections as a reference for the “I chose Mendoza” front. His term ended in 2023, now he would assume instead Isaac morales.


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