To prevent the outflow of dollars, the BCRA prohibited the sale of tickets abroad in installments

The Central Bank prohibited credit cards from selling tickets, hotels or any other tourist service abroad in installments, according to a determination made today by the entity’s board of directors, Infobae said this afternoon.

They indicated that “all services contracted abroad that are paid by credit card must be settled in a single payment or financed with the 43% rate set for the ‘minimum payment’ of the summaries.”

They also added that the application of fees for the payment of tourist services is prohibited both to card issuers directly and through travel platforms.

“Establish, effective as of 11/26/21, that financial and non-financial entities that issue credit cards should not finance in installments the purchases made through credit cards of their clients -human and legal persons- of tickets abroad and others. tourist services abroad (such as accommodation, car rental, etc.). either carried out directly with the service provider or indirectly, through a travel and / or tourism agency, web platforms or other intermediaries ”, says the Central’s regulation.

According to La Nación, the banks will be able to give a credit to pay the ticket, a personal loan. The decision, highlights that newspaper, “has to do with eliminating the possibility of selling financed dollars to a sector that travels abroad at times of shortage of international reserves.”

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