Tiktoker says that a CdMx restaurant sells tomato salad for 300 pesos

The sale of simple products at exorbitant prices always generates controversy, this was verified by the tiktoker @el.changuito.puser when sharing a video where the preparation of a tomato salad that he claims sells for 300 pesos.

This is how they sell you a tomato for 300 pesos (15 dollars), it is the title that the content creator gave to the video that a diner took from the Prosecco restaurant, located in Santa Fe, Mexico City. Although in an Instagram post dating from 2020, the establishment indicates that it is a “courtesy of the house” dish.

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In the clip, the client first praises the cook’s work: “Vladimir, from Prosecco, is going to prepare this tomato salad. But look at the size of the tomato, how beautiful it is, and see how carefully he prepares it.”

“You really have to congratulate and reward Vladimir because he prepares the tomato salad with such delicacy here at Prosecco.”

Then, the diner, remarkably excited, says: “The tomato, how barbaric! What a beauty of a tomato! He arranges it, removes the lids, eureka yellow lemon, which is not cheap at all… with what love he prepares it”.

“He has already broken it, I separate it and see how delicately he is going to do it. A little more slowly so that you can see how the lemon falls. This is the Prosecco, from Santa Fe.”

In a second video, it is shown that balsamic vinegar, maldon salt, oregano, pepper and olive oil are added to the salad, indicates Milenio.

“Vladimir, you do it with so much love that you are left with a work of art,” adds the diner.

The restaurant has not commented on this controversy, but in one of its Instagram posts, dated November 13, 2020, it indicates that the salad is “a courtesy of the house”.

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