Tiktoker injected filler into her lips and was compared to Homer Simpson

In recent days, a tiktoker It went viral on social networks after he shared the final result of his aesthetic intervention. His new face caught the attention of users who soon compared his face with that of Homer Simpson. However, for the 22-year-old, it was not all laughter: she had to be hospitalized urgently and recorded her experience in a video that she shared on her account. TikTok.

Ruby Farias shared her experience with lip fillers in a video by TikTok which exceeded more than 500 thousand reproductions. As reported by the media The Sun, The young woman was hospitalized urgently after suffering an allergic reaction due to the dissolution of the product that had been placed on her lips.

According to Ruby’s account, the reaction “it was so bad” that her upper lip doubled in volume and left her with an extremely “swollen”. In the video that the tiktoker published, it can be seen that she can hardly smile.

Ruby also claimed that this experience discouraged her from “fix your lips forever.” In this sense, the young woman received hundreds of comments from TikTok users who were surprised by the situation that the young woman suffered.

One of his followers compared his swollen face to that of Homer Simpson. But others went further and found it similar to Perry the Platypus, children’s drawing character Phineas y Ferb. In any case, these comments did not go beyond why. Ruby fulfilled her goal of raising awareness of these cosmetic interventions.

The next day, the young tiktoker published another video in which her face is deflated and in good health. Thus, the nightmare that almost completely disfigured his face seems to have been left behind.

The first video that the young woman shared was already seen by almost a million people and more than 36 thousand people liked it. The second was barely seen by more than 39 thousand users and there he received comments about the difference between the images of the previous day and the current ones. There were also those who congratulated her on her speedy recovery.

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