Thrombosis overcome: loosing "ready" for the first head coach position

Miroslav Klose (43) has survived his thrombosis and feels ready for his first job as a professional trainer.

Ready for a head coach position: Miroslav Klose.

imago / Lackovic

Klose described the diagnosis of thrombosis in mid-May as a “minor shock”. After leaving as assistant coach at FC Bayern, the former striker first had to take a break and canceled all interested parties – including Fortuna Düsseldorf.

He has now survived his thrombosis and wants to get into the coaching business. “It’s all good again. I don’t feel anything anymore. I’ve been able to do everything again for a month and a half: football, tennis, running. The doctors have given the go-ahead,” says Klose in the big kicker interview (Monday edition).

He was “completely” restored to return to football: “I was once again with two independent specialists. Everything is great and we can finally start.”

Klose does not yet know where he will take his first step as head coach in the professional field. “I don’t have any guidelines for me. It just has to fit, I have to have a good feeling, and then it can start,” said the world championship record scorer.

His path as a player took him step by step up the career ladder, now Klose wants to show that things are constantly improving as a coach: “What is important to me is what was important to me as a player: I was a team player. And that’s why I’ll be one of them as a coach too. As a player, I went up the ladder, rung by rung, and that’s how I want to approach it as a coach. ”

Read in the kicker interview (Monday edition, also as eMagazine) also what elements will make up Klose football, what the game analysis and preparation of the coach Klose will look like and what type of coach Klose sees himself as.

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