Three women who drugged men to rob them were arrested

The women are accused of putting men to sleep and then stealing the goods from their homes, they would have participated in two events with this modus operandi.

Criminal prosecutor 3, Horacio Córdoba Mazuranic, charged Cecilia Isabel Arroyo, 31, Liliana Teresa Robles, 32, and Claudia Mabel Arroyo, 31, as perpetrators of the crime of robbery in town and gang and burglary.

Based on the complaints of two victims, different tasks were carried out that made it possible to identify the women who, in an organized way, approached victims and established a relationship of trust. When they were in people’s homes, through the consumption of alcoholic beverages, they “slept” them and stole their property.

Through various raids it was possible to recover part of what was stolen. During one of these procedures, two cannabis sativa plants were seized for which the Fiscal Unit against Narcocriminality intervened.

The three women have a history of crimes against property, which is why the Prosecutor’s Office requested that their detention be maintained.

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