Three months after the death of Matías Ruiz, what is known about the cause?

Its about Tucumán hairdresser who died in doubtful circumstances on July 13 in the vicinity of the San Martín park in the city of Salta. Last week, at the request of the complaint, various measures were carried out to clarify the fact.

In dialogue with radio CNN Skip, the plaintiff lawyer Martín D ‘Andrea, explained that a fairly sophisticated evidentiary measure was requested, for the purposes of manage to detect the presence of human blood in the scene where Matías Ruiz was lying in Urquiza street, intersection with Catamarca street.

“It is a presumptive test to detect the presence of blood and to reconstruct the circumstances of a crime, showing patterns of splatter, fingerprints, or simply to demonstrate the chemical presence of blood with Luminol reagent“, he pointed.

The lawyer assured that from an investigative point of view, “tWe have a strong and forceful theory of the case. Not only for wrongful death, here there has been an attribution of responsibilities jointly with police personnel and Samec. This evidentiary measure will clarify and clarify the disproportionate treatment and prove the crime of humiliation ”.

matías ruiz

According to what D ‘Andrea expressed, the presence of blood was detected in the truck in which they transferred Matías Ruiz, the The expected result is from the genetic comparison to determine if this spot corresponds to Matías.

The investigation file is approximately four volumes, “declared many witnesses, people who witnessed the event, describing overwhelming details of the disproportionate treatment that Matías received. There are too many elements to severely compromise the responsibilities of law enforcement officers“, Held.

ruiz matias

Regarding the responsibility of the radio operators of Samec, the lawyer pointed out that they are reproached for not having done what their work demands. “There is a report in which he realizes that from 6:50 a.m. approximately between 4 and 5 calls were made and only at 7:45 a.m. did the emergency respond. The ambulance arrives at 08:03 at the scene of the events, ”he said.

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