Three months after his death, Matías Ruiz’s family continues their fight for justice

On July 13 of this year, Matías Ruiz, a young and renowned hairdresser, lost his life in confusing circumstances in the vicinity of San Martín Park. 3 months passed from that fateful moment and his family continues to cry out for justice.

On Get informed by Multivisión Federal, program hosted by Noelia Pandolfi and Federico Storniolo, their father, Juan Carlos Ruiz, assured that the cause did not stop, it continues its course and asked justice to do its part.

“What I researched for my son and for my son, I believe that what I did up to here is 100% positive as soon as, beyond that Salta justice investigates. The CIF is an organization, it is an organization that are police investigating police officers, so it does not leave me happy, but we leave many things to chance that is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of doing justice for what they were designated“, said.

In this sense, he indicated that there were achievements, that the investigation is not murky considering that there are documents and evidence of what happened that night. “For me within the framework of the law and within the very heart of Salta justice, they 96 hours later they knew who the intellectual authors of the event wereBecause regardless of being told that 911 is a firm, an institution, they do not stop managing the police. Them they have a 360 camera in Catamarca and Urquiza that They saw everything that happened, I saw it tooThey don’t know that, but I also saw what they saw ”.

He also questioned that 10 officers and an accomplice participated in the operation, but only 4 were accused. “The 4 are released by Judge Puertas, who in due course will ask for explanations because beyond the strip of the police dome, I’m not interested, they owe me answers and I’m going to ask them. She took her power into her hands and freed the accused, who may or may not escape, who may or may not self-disappear, who may do things that they should not do outside the margins of the law. “

Finally, he left a message to the Prosecutor’s Office. “If they are going to plant me responsible for such an aberrant act, I am just beginning to press a little bit. When you push those you have to push, they will know how far you can go”.

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