Three femicides at the beginning of 2022, after the murder of a 21-year-old in Santiago de Cuba

Organizations that make sexist violence visible on the island reported the third femicide happened so far this year, after the murder of a 21-year-old girl in the municipality of San Luis, in Santiago de Cuba.

According to the platform’s observatories I do believe you in Cuba and from the feminist magazine Tense Wings, son three femicides reported in the first week of 2022, although this month another event that occurred at the end of December 2021 also transpired.

According to a note posted on the Facebook profiles of both platforms, the most recent femicide occurred on January 4, although they did not specify the identity of the victim or the perpetrator.

Nor does the information clarify how the events occurred and if there is any investigation by the authorities into this crime.

In 2021, 34 femicides were registered in Cuba. “We cannot lower our guard in reporting these events and, above all, in preventing them, for which we are grateful for the citizen help that the independent observatories receive,” the platforms stated.

They warned that “complaints and citizen data are key, because the draft is already circulating again #Penal Code, where it is added as circumstances of the murder ‘committing the crime on the grounds of gender discrimination’ (Article 344, subsection d) ”.

They added that “this is a step forward with respect to the current law, but we can take it to more correct terms such as #femicide, and assess advanced typologies such as the one assumed in Spain ”.

“This typology, in force since this month of January, takes into account feminicides outside the sphere of the couple, such as sexual, social, family and vicarious feminicide. It is time to bring the public debate on femicides in Cuba to the level of the law ”, concludes the publication on the aforementioned platforms.

The first femicide reported in Cuba This year it happened in the province of Villa Clara, where a Cuban woman was murdered by her partner at dawn on January 2, in the Chiquitico Fábregat batey, belonging to the municipality of Remedios.

The victim, identified as Maylén Guerra García, had two grown-up children. The aggressor was his partner and the violent act occurred at the home they both shared.

On January 6, the case of Misladis Carmenates Hidalgo, 43 years old and mother of three children (one of them a minor), who was stabbed to death and slit her throat in Camagüey for your partner.

In this last week it was also known about the death of Ruthjaine Estrada González, 25 years old and mother of two children, who was murdered in the city of Guantánamo for his ex-partner on December 24 last.

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