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For three months, they have provoked the authorities, up to the Minister of the Interior caricatured as Lucky Luke on social networks. Three members of the Lyon group “Les Daltons” appear this Friday before the Lyon Criminal Court for one of their urban rodeos.

“Mr. Mayor, we’re coming”: launched as a challenge on the Instagram account of this collective of rappers, the October 23 rodeo came to an end.

While a group is preparing to reach the city center by motorbike or scooter, three young people aged 19-20, in yellow and black striped outfits like the comic strip convicts, are arrested. They are the ones who will be judged this Friday.

The group broadcasts their rodeo outings live on their Instagram account, prides themselves on the media echo and ridicules those who want to suppress it.

Thus, a thunderous “wheeling” (rear wheel) session on Place Bellecour, in the heart of Lyon, answers the environmentalist mayor Grégory Doucet when he welcomes the measures taken to “stem” the urban rodeos.

The leader of the imprisoned collective

The phenomenon has grown in recent months in Lyon – as in other cities – against a backdrop of political controversy before the electoral deadlines. Between January and September, 35 people were referred for such facts in the metropolis, against 23 over the year in 2020 and nine in 2019, according to the prosecution.

The urban rodeo is not the prerogative of the “Daltons” but the group has multiplied the provocations since its leader, “Many GT”, was imprisoned for having participated in a filmed sequence.

It all started on February 26 with the release on YouTube of a rap clip – 724,000 views since – to the glory of the cities of the 8th arrondissement of Lyon, where “we deal in the day, we steal the night”.

The footage shows guns, drugs and rodeos that a fake Lucky Luke tries to stop. At the end, “Daltons” symbolically kill the cowboy by shooting a mannequin.

In this clip, Mehdi Fiad, 30, alias “Many GT”, already convicted in particular for drug trafficking, drives cars with his face uncovered. This will earn him nine months in prison on August 24.

We will start to get angryGérald Darmanin

Incarcerated in Lyon-Corbas, the rapper films himself in prison and appears in the group’s second clip published on September 11 on YouTube (455,000 views). And the “Daltons” are mobilizing against his detention.

After the rodeos of October 16 and 23, a new outing is organized on the 29 in a pedestrian street in Lyon. The driver, a 19-year-old, is sentenced to an eight-month suspended sentence.

On November 4, two spectators dressed in yellow and black jump onto the lawn during a Europa League match. On the 7th, another escalated the walls of Corbas prison to throw a package containing narcotics, the one accompanying him was arrested, a judicial investigation opened.

Latest episode to date, “Daltons” went to parade Saturday evening in front of a police station in Lyon, before setting fire to their car – a stolen vehicle according to the local press.

The group said it was ready to meet with the mayor to “make peace”. The Interior Ministry, for its part, is asking Facebook to close their Instagram account (24,000 subscribers). “We will start to get angry,” warned Gerald Darmanin last week on CNews.

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