Those who return to court after the opening of the Criminal Judicial Pole

The spaces that the courts and courtrooms of the Greater Mendoza criminal jurisdiction will leave empty will be occupied by many judicial and administrative headquarters that today operate in various buildings, such as the one on Calle Morón 347 in Ciudad.


The Morón 347 judicial headquarters works in a rented building.

Some of those who go to court

All these dependencies work in Morón 347 of the City and after September 23 they will attend the provincial courts, where they were years ago until there were transfers due to the expansion of the criminal jurisdiction.


  • Five Chambers of Appeals in Civil, Commercial and Mining
  • A Civil, Commercial and Mining Prosecutor’s Office
  • A Family Appeals Chamber
  • The Secretariat of the Court for International Affairs
  • The Office of the Jury of Prosecution, created by law 4970

There is also talk of the transfer of other offices whose physical spaces the Judicial Power will stop renting, such as those that operate on Chile de Ciudad street and Pedro Molina 500 street in Ciudad, 300 meters from the courts and very close to the Bar Association. and Procuradores de Mendoza.

The new Judicial Pole

The criminal jurisdiction of Greater Mendoza will be transferred on September 23 and By the end of the year, the representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Ministry of Defense are expected to do the same., that is to say prosecutors and defense attorneys paid by the State.

This temporary gap is due to the fact that the construction of the facilities for both public ministries began several months later.

The move will not reach the Supreme Court ministers or the Attorney General, which will continue to have their offices on the fourth floor of the provincial courts.

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