this Youtubeur organized the IRL death games, the winner pocketed this large sum

While the series Squid Game is available in all forms, this popular YouTuber has decided to take up the crazy bet of recreating the games in real life. And after weeks of work, a successful challenge since he organized his first games in the heart of sets faithful to the series. Video in support.

Mr. Beast’s Crazy Bet

Although the series Squid Game aired more than two months ago, it still continues to attract the hype around it. After the more or less smoky theories, comes the variation in video games, such as free-to-play Crab Game, or incursions into Fortnite Where Roblox.

But it is also in IRL version that the squid game is exported, and the streamers understood that they could capitalize on it. Thus, at the beginning of November, the famous streaming channel OfflineTV organized a first official competition Squid Game, with a jackpot of $ 25,000, won by streamer Pokimane.

At the same time, we told you a few weeks ago about Mr. Beast, famous YouTuber who was in the middle of work to reproduce the sets of death games. We could follow the progress on the Twitter page of the person concerned, and we learned in passing that the participants would be numbering 456 (as in the series), and will be drawn at random among the subscribers of the Youtubeur channel. As for the reward: a tidy sum of 456,000 dollars, or 394,000 euros.

Fairly faithful decorations

After weeks of work, Mr. Beast and his teams have finally completed their project. And thing promised, thing due, since the Youtubeur has organized its games, put in a box through a 25-minute video in which the participants try to survive the trials modeled on the series. In case of defeat for example, instead of a rifle fire, the participants are eliminated by the triggering of a firecracker integrated in their combination.

Mr. Beast’s project cost him, including video, not less than $ 3.5 million. The costumes are quite faithful to the series, as are the sets. Special mention on this occasion to the decorations of the rope test and glass slabs. Overall, Mr. Beast stays very close to the rules of the games in the series. They only deviate from them in cases where it would have been impossible for him to recreate the proofs exactly. On the other hand, instead of the final test, the game of Squid, it is the game of musical chairs that is proposed.

It is not known if Mr. Beast will embark on a “season 2” of his. Squid Game IRL, but the event seems to have won over its fanbase. There is no doubt that other streamers intend to embark on the adventure, with more or less success, and especially of budget.

As for the series, Season 2 has officially been confirmed, and could see Gi-hun attempt to hatch a plan to bring down the criminal organization. Recall that the Korean show allowed Netflix to garner 4.4 million additional subscribers and to record a record turnover of 7.48 billion dollars in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

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