This weekend TECHO will build emergency housing in Floresta and Solís Pizarro

The social organization TECHO will build this weekend, 9 emergency homes in Barrio Floresta and Barrio Solís Pizarro, next September 18 and 19.

The massive constructions of TECHO in Salta represent just one of the many projects carried out by the organization. The houses are built together with volunteers and residents of the corresponding neighborhood, in order to provide housing solutions, Faced with the lack of institutional responses, in view of generating substantial changes in the quality of life of families.

On this occasion, the homes were assigned to 5 families from Barrio Solís Pizarro and 4 from Barrio Floresta, under the motto “Let’s Build Links as Strong as a House”. In this new construction, it is sought to position and make visible on the agenda, the demands and needs of Salta families, which require an immediate response and which until now have not found it through traditional institutional channels.

“We call on society to become aware of the precariousness and housing emergency in which families in the Popular Neighborhoods of Salta survive. We propose concrete action and an immediate response to this serious violation of human rights. In this sense, volunteering constitutes another space for citizen participation, an opportunity to create ties and build bridges with families and learn about stories and realities that enrich one as a citizen. The strength, empathy and conviction with which we have been working for 11 years in Salta is necessary and fundamental, since the sum of individual actions transforms realities ”, he concluded David Villarroel, North Regional Director at TECHO Argentina.

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