This weekend it is Rosario’s turn to enjoy the “Martín Bossi Comedy Tour”

Since September, the actor and comedian Martín Bossi has been visiting different cities of the country with his Martín Bossi Comedy Tour and this weekend it will be Rosario’s turn to enjoy this show.

This humorous and musical proposal promises to make the public laugh, sing and dance in a face-to-face theatrical show accompanied by musicians and a singer, over an hour and a half, with a book and direction by Emilio Tamer and a production by Federico Hoppe. In addition, Nelson Gesualdi will be in charge of the direction of a jazz band that will provide the musical quota.

In dialogue with Clarion, the artist advanced: “This is the show that demands the most from me as an actor, much more than any other that I have done previously because it is already directly a permanent contact with people wearing them, with my body without any type of mask, for different states and different styles of acting. It’s a typical showman role. “

2020 was a year of great challenges for Bossi, not only because of the pandemic and the shows in a new format, but because he had previously decided to turn his career around to stop being one-man and throw himself into the musical.

That is why, in January of the previous year, he came out on stage with the local version of the Broadway show. Kinky Boots, together with Fernando Dente, revalidating his title of King of Corrientes Avenue.

On this occasion, the show that comes to Rosario will feature highly topical monologues, music and songs and will lead the audience to enter the magical world of an artist who is a true showman. The national tour will continue, after its presentations in Rosario, through Santa Fe, Córdoba and Uruguay.

To schedule

Martín Bossi Comedy Tour It will be presented this Friday and Saturday, starting at 8 pm at the Broadway theater, in San Lorenzo 1223. Tickets, from 1600 pesos, can be obtained at the box office or at the theater website.

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