This was the quick maneuver of a criminal to steal the motorcycle of a food delivery man

A food delivery man suffered the unusual theft of his motorcycle when he left an order, and the incredible maneuver of the criminal was recorded by a security camera. The event happened in Santiago del Estero, and thanks to the video, the police recovered the stolen property.

A few minutes had passed since noon last Thursday. The victim, identified as Juan Pablo Figueroa Ruiz residing in the Centenario neighborhood, went down to deliver a food order in one of his many rounds for one of the popular delivery applications. Leaving his motorcycle running on the sidewalk, he walked away to ring the doorbell of the house on Libertad Avenue, in the City of Santiago del Estero.

At the end of his delivery, he found the unpleasant surprise that his gray Motomel Blitz with red and black details, had disappeared. Ruiz rushed to present the complaint to the Fourth Police Station (establishment located half a block from the place of the robbery), but the offender had already moved away.

The prosecutor was informed of what happened. Mussi Celia, who requested collaboration from the Directorate of Investigations and the Central Zone Brigade to request the seizure of the vehicle and search for security cameras on the site. Fortunately for the delivery man, a security camera located on the avenue captured the moment of the robbery in a video that caused astonishment among northern Internet users:

In the short clip, Ruiz can be seen getting off his motorcycle and approaching a building with the food package. A few seconds later, a subject walks up and notices the motorcycle running. Without stopping to hesitate, the man got into the vehicle and, in a quick maneuver, fled the site unnoticed. According to police statements, the offender would have mounted a second thief on the motorcycle a few blocks from the robbery.

The police recovered the stolen motorcycle.

After the publication of the speedy theft of the delivery man’s motorcycle, in the early hours of Friday the Santiago del Estero police managed to recover the motorcycle of the food delivery man. With the victim’s complaint in hand, the investigations of the case began and as a first step, the investigation personnel were involved to find the whereabouts of the motorcycle thieves.

Analyzing the video of the robbery, the police determined that the criminals they headed north. That’s where the sleuths of the Brigade of the Department of Security of the North Zone went, who worked together with the troops of the Fourth Police Station. After a series of tours, the security forces they found the vehicle.

The provincial police found the motorcycle abandoned in the middle of a pasture.

The motorcycle was abandoned in a field of low grasslands located at the intersection of Avenida Núñez del Prado and Mal Paso, for which reason the prosecutor’s office of Dr. Mussi was informed of what had been done up to that moment and the vehicle was recovered and transferred to the headquarters of the intervening police station.

According to the police report, the prosecutor on duty ordered that the acts of preventive kidnapping and subsequent delivery of the vehicle to its rightful owner, and that the investigations in the case labeled as theft continue with the purpose of finding the whereabouts of the thieves, who are still free.

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