This was the operation in Salta to arrest drug dealers by Telegram

Everything arose from the complaint of the mother of a child under the age of 16 that she had registered unusual behavior in her son. The same, When checking the Telegram application of his son’s cell phone, he found messages from people who offered narcotics and then, he noticed the resemblance to the substances found in the child’s room.

The group was called “Chemistry” and it was made up of about six thousand people from Salta. One of them was the one that added to the group those who wanted to enter, for which he provided his telephone number.

Known this situation, an undercover police officer sent a message to this group to make a simulated purchase and agreed as a meeting place a service station, located on Avenida Bolivia. Authorized police personnel arrived in a private vehicle, met with Melani Giselle Alfaro, who delivered three icing paper wrappers with a die each and received $ 1500 with marked serial numbers.

After the simulated sale was concluded, Alfaro went to her Fiat Spazio vehicle, parked on February 20 and Miguel Ortiz, where she was intercepted by the police commission and tried to escape. There, a cell phone and the sum of $ 8,690 were seized, in addition to the $ 1,500 used in the simulated purchase, a bag with 6 LSD dies and a marijuana wrapper. The following day, the address on Calle Luis Borja Díaz was searched, without elements of interest for the investigation emerging.

Finally, this Sunday the 12th the address of Miguel Ortiz street, where she was arrested, was also searched. Sofia Candela Muñoz, after the seizure of a pistol-type firearm without a serial number or ammunition.

Other actions by police personnel allowed the interception of Germán Nicolás Delgadillo in the area of ​​calle Lerma. A cell phone, eight icing papers, 16 empty polyethylene bags, two $ 500 bills used by the developer, an icing paper wrapper with 217 LSD dies, a paper wrapper containing cocaine, and a box of cigarettes were seized from him. four bags with marijuana. On the same day, during the search of the Urquiza street address, three packages, a bag and a bottle with marijuana were seized with a total of 73.82 grams; three scales and a jar with 62 seeds.

At the domicile of Autódromo neighborhood, Two plastic droppers, three glass bottles with oily substance, three plastic cans with liquid substance, four plastic bottles with whitish granulated substance, a scale, and a polyethylene plastic roll were seized; marijuana in a black nylon bag, 74 Ziploc type bags, and 650 LSD dies in a notebook. The drug test also tested positive for amphetamines and the procedure culminated in the arrest of Delgadillo.

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