This was the ‘look’ of Kimberly Loaiza at the TikToks Awards

U.S.- Kimberly Loaiza is currently one of the most recognized ‘YouTubers’ in Latin America with more than 34 million followers, which have witnessed its growth.

A couple of months ago, the ‘influencer’ held a private party to celebrate the success of her single “Mejor Sola”, in which she also did a live broadcast on her TikTok account, which has been the most viewed on the platform .

On January 13, the TikToks Awards were lived, where the oldest “cutie” received an award for the millions of views she achieved, during the private event that he held alongside renowned ‘influencers’.

It was through his Instagram account thate Kimberly shared a series of photographs in which she appears with the ‘look’ she used on the carpet It consisted of a black top with a marked neckline as well as baggy pants of the same color.

Linduras started the year with everything, this week we appeared on a magazine cover and today we received a special award at the TikToks awards for the most viewed live in the world on the platform, I can only say thank you, without you it would not be possible, I love them ”wrote the ‘youtuber’.

In addition, Kim took the opportunity to thank her fans for all the support they have given her during these 5 years, which has been dedicated to sharing content from her personal and work life.

In the publication, his fans sent their expressions of affection and good wishes for this new success: “Making it clear who’s boss”, “congratulations baby”, “you are too top”, “congratulations Kim for your perseverance and discipline”Are some of the comments that can be read.

Was Kimberly Loaiza “unfaithful” to Juan de Dios Pantoja?

A couple of weeks ago, the singer also shared a video in which she accepted all the challenges that her fans proposed to her, most of them were a joke and a work of charity.

But there was a challenge in particular that was the most controversial of the recording and that is Kimberly pretended to be “asleep” and began to say the name of “Fabián” so that her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja would wake up, In a matter of seconds, he showed his annoyance so the ‘influencer’ had to tell him that it was a joke.

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