This was the life of Lourdes Ornelas in Mexico

Lourdes Orleans was born and raised in the City of Mexico. He comes from a hard-working family with many values, so they always instilled good customs and work in him. That was how, at just 17 years old, he started working with Lucia Mendez as your personal assistant.

Lucía Méndez, who was already recognized as one of the most famous artists in Mexico, cared for Lourdes Orleans As if she were his own daughter, he sheltered her and they became inseparable people. They told each other everything and even advised each other, the singer was one of the people who always opposed Lourdes’s relationship with Camilo Sesto.

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The stormy life of Lourdes Orleans in Mexico

The life of Lourdes Orleans It was the same as any other girl her age. Everything was transformed when Camilo Sesto came into his life, giving him a 360-degree turn.

After her first meeting with the singer in the United States, she returned to Mexico submerged in depression after being forced to have an abortion. Upon learning all this, her family questioned her and told her that they knew she had their support to raise a baby alone, since her sisters were single mothers.

While Lucia Mendez He did everything possible to get him out of the state of sadness in which he was and warned him: “If he calls you again, don’t even think about picking up his phone. Don’t be stupid.”

Mexico It was always the country to which Lourdes Orleans He “ran away” whenever he needed support and love from his family. In fact, after trying to live for a few years in Spain, she came back and settled in the city where she grew up.

Unfortunately, between the twists and turns, and fights with Camilo Sesto, he lost custody of his son when the minor was only six years old. Camilín remained living in Spain with his father, while Lourdes Orleans built his life in Mexico City. It was only when the young man turned 18 that he decided to live with his mother and move to the country where he was born.

Today she is established in Spain, where she is accompanying her son who, since the beginning of December, has been hospitalized with a serious health condition. At the moment, everything is evolving favorably, although it has been a very slow and exhausting process.

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