This was the hardest moment of Galilea Montijo, when he suffered bullying

The presenter, actress and host Galilea Montijo currently has 48 years and she looks prettier than ever wearing a great body that is worthy of admiration.

The former host of the program ‘Today‘-Galilea Montijo- very recently decided to open her heart and share her experience gaining 28 kilos as a result of her pregnancy.

That’s how it went the hardest moment of Galilea Montijo, when he suffered bullying and far from remembering that moment with sadness, the actress today she tells it to be in solidarity with all women.

It is worth remembering that after giving birth to her first-born Mateo, Galilea underwent a rigid diet and change of habits to return to her weight. Grateful shared a message after remembering when he was bullied:


“I am infinitely grateful for the kilos I gained because I am holding my Mateo; however, I witnessed how many people laugh when a person gains weight. Bullying is impressive and sadly it comes from men ”.

This was the hardest moment of Galilea Montijo, when he suffered bullying. However, to this day he assures that at that time he did not pay much attention to the criticism, because he knew that at some point he would lose weight.

However, the moment he decided to make this confession, He referred to the importance and influence that bullying can have on the life of any person who is susceptible. For his part, he clarified that at the end of the day teasing was the least of it, because the satisfaction of coming home and seeing his little one was greater.

Also, she said that on behalf of her husband, the politician Fernando Reyna had great support during that difficult process: “Having a man like that helps you. He has an impressive discipline, he gets up at 5 in the morning to exercise before going to work ”.

Finally, the beautiful driver confessed that He was encouraged to share this confession thanks to the motivation he had from the ladies who asked him through Twitter how he had done to lose weight.

In this way he felt that it would be good to share it and fully recommend his method which consists of a diet and certain massages to firm the muscles.

Although it is a common theme and that unfortunately continues to happen, this was the hardest moment from Galilea Montijo when he suffered bullying. Did you know?

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