This was the closure of the game servers The Matrix Online

Following the trailer for the new The Matrix Resurrections and the change of actor for the Morpheus character, the conversation about The Matrix Online, a massive game that few people tried at the time, but that had important consequences for the movie universe.

The Matrix Online It was an MMO that was in effect between 2005 and 2009, when Sony Online Entertainment decided to cancel it. The reasons for deactivating the servers The Matrix Online they were almost obvious: very few people played it and it made no business sense to keep it up.

At the time of closing The Matrix Online there were less than 500 players connected and based on the video below, this is what they saw: glitches and a black cat, in a situation very typical of the universe of The Matrix.

The closing experience of The Matrix Online It was also documented by the Giant Bomb site through a series of videos that included what happened during the final hours of the servers.

And while the ending didn’t have as much drama as the previous video, there were also nods to the universe of The Matrix by means of pre-closing alerts with which the players were warned that “it was time to wake up”.

Beyond what happened with The Matrix Online, Remember that server shutdowns are a common practice in massive games like this one. Cases of World of Warcraft (active since 2004) or The Old Republic (since 2011) are atypical, as MMOs typically go through their life cycle and then their servers go offline.

For some, The Matrix Online It was a good idea, but not so well executed. An MMO set in the universe of Matrix in which the characters live within a simulation is a concept that reflects very well the original premise of the films.

Maybe The Matrix Resurrections be the seed for video games based on the franchise to have their own resurrection.

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