"This path that we started in 2019 will not be altered", assured Fernández

President Alberto Fernández affirmed today that “priority should be given to Argentine capital that produces and provides work in Argentina”, and confirmed that “nothing is more important than the development of Argentine industry.”

“This path that we started in 2019, as far as we are concerned, is not going to be altered”, ratified the president from the Bicentennial Museum, in the Casa Rosada, where he presented the draft Law of Buy Argentina, Development of Suppliers and Purchases for Innovation, whose objective is to promote a greater participation of the national industry in public purchases, generate jobs and stimulate the development of investments and technology transfers to the sectors of the national economy with greater productive capacities.

“Many who do not think like us have understood that these privileges are not good because they reduce competition, but we should not be stupid; it is a mistake to think that in this way we are not leaving free competition; I believe that markets should function freely, with rules, “he said at the head of the event this afternoon.

In this context, Fernández affirmed that “industry is the central engine of development and growth”, and said that “national industry must once again occupy a preponderant place in the development of the country.”

“We want the National Comprehensive to work, not for it to be a rhetorical law but for it to become a real system in fact,” said the president, who was accompanied by the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas.

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“The objective of this law is to promote development for the benefit of Argentine work, industry and SMEs,” Kulfas remarked in his speech.

As officially indicated, the current Law (27,437) that was enacted in 2018 has great limitations so that the State can use its purchasing power as a tool for development.

Meanwhile, these modifications are expected to generate 30,000 new private jobs, encourage the investment of an additional 40,000 million pesos a year in research, development and innovation a year, and save 300 million dollars in foreign currency annually.

Among the objectives of the bill are to “promote a greater participation of the national industry in public purchases, generate an increase in employment, and promote investments and technology transfers to sectors of the national economy with greater capacities. technological and productive “.

Likewise, it seeks to “stimulate and regulate the role of public procurement in innovation and in adding value in strategic sectors.” (Télam)

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