This new project from the creator of American Horror Story will delight fans of Stephen King

If we put aside the action movies, one cinematic genre in particular seems to be among the most timeless of all: horror cinema. From zombie movies to slashers, including survival, there is something for everyone. Sometimes just good enough to freak us out and without much ambition, some feature films however have a scenario, a setting in scene, or even an atmosphere which marks. This is particularly the case of films adapted from the novels of the writer Stephen King, specialist in the field. Rejoice, a new adaptation is on the way!

When great minds (of horror) meet

At 74, Stephen King remains one of the authors who have most inspired horror cinema, but not only. Among the films adapted from his work, we note, for example, the masterpiece that The green Line, but also Shining or That. Released in 2017, the penultimate iteration of the creepy clown is still available on Netflix. Chapter 2, released in 2019, is however not available on the SVOD platform. But if you’re craving the thrills and craving Stephen King, this should put a smile on your face.

For those who do not yet know, know thata new feature film is currently in production on Netflix’s side and will aim to adapt the American author’s short novel, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, on the small screen. Behind this project, we find the horror genre specialists Ryan Murphy and Blumhouse Productions.

If these names don’t mean anything to you, you are bound to know some of their old projects. Murphy is one of the two co-creators of the famous anthology series American Horror Story, which is already in its tenth season. Blumhouse, on the other hand, is a company primarily known for producing a number of low budget horror films and thrillers, but have become classics of the genre: Insidious, Paranormal Activity, American Nightmare…

Suffice to say that on paper, this new adaptation project is a dream. But what are they going to tell us there, anyway?

The child, the old man and the coffin

On Netflix, it is already possible to find three films adapted from the works of Stephen King: Jessie, 1922 and In the tall grass. But the forthcoming fourth adaptation will for its part be inspired by a more recent “short novel”, that is, of a story longer than a short story but shorter than a classic novel. Entitled Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, it is taken from a collection of 4 stories, If it bleeds, published in April 2020 then at the beginning of the year in our regions.

We follow the character of Craig, a child who learned to read at a very young age, as well as the much older Mr. Harrigan, a billionaire living in recluse. With the permission of his father, Craig goes regularly to visit the old man in order to read him stories in exchange for a little money. A strong friendship is created between the young man and the billionaire, until the latter’s death. Before Harrigan is placed in the coffin, Craig slips a phone into his jacket pocket. A phone, with which they will mysteriously be able to continue to communicate …

Then ? Hoax, dream, or something darker and more mystical? You will be left with the pleasure of discovery when the project comes into being, but you will have to be patient. The cast is indeed not yet complete, although it has recently been learned that Colin O’Brien (Wonka) will play the role of Craig as a child, while Cyrus Arnold (The Exorcist, Zoolander 2) will play an unfriendly thug with Craig.

As for the main roles, we will find Jaeden Martell (Knives Out) to play the young man, et Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games, The Dirty Twelve) to interpret Mr. Harrigan.

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