This is what the best singers in Mexico look like made superheroes

Crossovers between comic book covers and pop culture characters are not uncommon. Perhaps the best known example is the one of bands of the genres of post punk and new wave, with covers with bands like The Cure or Joy Division. Under this trend, it seemed a matter of time for that style to reach some of the most famous Mexican singers.

That is precisely the work of the Mexican artist Shuma Pérez, known on social networks as @eseachedos. With his illustrations, Pérez puts some of the most famous Mexican artists, such as José José or Juan Gabriel, on comic book covers of the Marvel and DC publishers.

There are several singers to whom Pérez intervened as if they were superheroes, but of all his illustrations, our favorite is undoubtedly that of José José, known in Mexico and Latin America as The Prince of Song. We based our choice because Pérez chose an Iron Man comic entitled “A demon in a bottle”, with which he satirizes José José’s well-known alcoholism. Special mention deserves the inclusion of Bacardi rum, loved and hated in Mexico and surely in several countries of the world.

Other of the covers that we highlight are those of José Alfredo Jiménez, who in his dialogue balloons includes some of the most famous stanzas of the emblematic ranchera performer, a musical genre that by the way is being forgotten. We also loved the cover of Mijares, which takes up his theme “Soldado del amor”.

You can find more covers like these and all the work of Shuma Pérez in your Instagram profile.

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