This is what Jennifer Aniston looks like without a drop of makeup or touch-ups

Jennifer  Aniston He is one of the biggest celebrities that American cinema has ever given. This being an actress, comedian and also a few years ago, a film director. His role among the famous has already crossed borders and he does not have to worry about what they will say when he does something that is not among the normal.

Jennifer Aniston, that in its history also has to have formed one of the most beloved couples of the early 2000s together with Brad Pitt (2000 to 2005), joined the stars that have shown themselves bare-faced. As did Jennifer Lopez, Jaydy Michel, Nuria Roca or Adriana Lima, among others, who uploaded photos without makeup throughout the year 2021 and became ambassadors of beauty. In this sense, 2022 could not start better because the movement has been joined by the Hollywood star who made history by becoming the person who fastest reached a million followers on the networks: precisely Aniston.

Jennifer posing bare-faced. Source: Instagram @jenniferaniston

To show himself as when he is inside his house without obligations, Aniston He chose to take a couple of selfie-style photos with a towel wrapped around his body, his face washed and his famous hair but with its natural texture. More than between house impossible. The posting was well received by Internet users, who far from criticizing, flatter her, understanding that she is like any other human in the world. “Thank God. You are a real person”, “I have exactly the same hair! Humidity is the enemy”, and “We finally have Jenn’s hair”, are some of the reactions of netizens in the comments space of the post.

just like you did Aniston and many other celebrities from different parts of the show business, the walls of the forbidden have already been broken and they give the message that stars that previously seemed unattainable, now directly share images like these with their fans that make them feel much more identified with their idols.

Jennifer posing bare-faced. Source: Instagram @jenniferaniston

The Hollywood megastar’s Instagram post, Jennifer Aniston, 52, easily surpassed two and a half million likes and has messages from all over the world supporting these realities of his idols for so many years.


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