This is what Ángela Aguilar most expects from a man

Angela Aguilar has conquered the hearts of the public with his talent and his songs, but there has not been a man Still, may he manage to steal his. The main reason is that the young singer is very clear about what she is looking for in a person and does not intend to give in to her requirements.

At the moment, the interpreter of “La llorona” assures that she is very much in love with life and her music. Something that has her fully occupied, so I would not have time to dedicate to a couple. In the same way, he wanted to make it clear that, the day he has a boyfriend, he does not intend to publish or tell about it:

“To have some heartbreak, you have to have love first. As long as I have a boyfriend out there, I’m not going to post it, they’ll never know, I can even have one right now and they wouldn’t know. I think that even when I’m married, ok, I’ll say ‘this is my husband’, but never at the dating stage”.

Despite being very chavita, Angela Aguilar know what you want a man have to be by your side. You know you have to meet certain requirements because, in order to date someone, you’re going to have to ask permission to their parents and that they approve of the boy, well “My family needs to like me too, I’m not going to be hiding anything or anyone.”

The daughter of Pepe Aguilar he concentrates on the inner characteristics of the person, knowing that this is what matters most. For her, her boyfriend has to be a good and nice person, and, of course, be super respectful and love her very much.

She assures that, although she was not educated in the old-fashioned way, she respects the values ​​of her house and her family very much. Therefore, for her, it is very important that the person next to her shares them.

Source: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

The reality is that Angela Aguilar She has plenty of suitors, like Juan de Dios, an influencer who, at the beginning of last year, when the singer launched her song with Cristian Nodal, declared her love for him through a video in which he expressed:

“Friends have heard the song, however my dad will run you, imagine serenading Ángela Aguilar and out of nowhere Pepe Aguilar comes out to run you, what an offer! Ángela Aguilar, I pulled!”

We will have to wait to see who will be the boy who manages to conquer the heart of the smallest of the Eagle dynasty. Do you have someone in mind?

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