This is Verónica Castro’s age, although she doesn’t even look it!

For more than it seems, Veronica Castro it is getting closer to 7 decades. Born October 19, 1952, the historic Mexican actress and singer calmly lives the month of her 69th birthday and then we share everything there is to know about it.

Verónica Castro and her last days with 68 years

There are many celebrities, both in Mexico and in other countries of the world, who do everything possible to prevent their age from being known. Whether they are men or women, it is a difficult mission that only a few carry out successfully. However, everything seems to indicate that Veronica Castro He was never interested in being part of this group.

Born as Verónica Judith Sáinz Castro, The True came to this world October 19, 1952, from which it follows that he is 68 years old and that soon he will be traveling a new birthday number 69.

His birth took place in the Colonia San Rafael from Mexico City. From a very young age, the future mother of Cristian castro he would begin to manifest his abilities and his artistic interests.

So much so that, according to the story, when he turned 15 he asked for a scholarship to study acting as a gift. After a life full of successes, it is interesting to wonder what gifts he is asking for for his birthdays today.

Verónica Castro and the memory of her last birthday

Like the vast majority of people, in 2020 La Vero had to celebrate his 68th birthday amid the coronavirus pandemic, which made the celebrations as special as they were particular.

A regular user of social networks, the historic artist and television presenter shared a message on her Twitter account and expressed the great surprise she received, since they sent her a cake as soon as her birthday day began.

In the video, she is heard saying that she is still asleep, which is noticeable, and you can see her blowing the candles, thinking to herself the wishes for her new year.

In turn, he wrote in the publication that he did not think he was going to eat cake at that time, but that “this year everything is different.” Finally, he told his fans: “i am here with you”.

Considering all this, what do you think will be the wishes of Veronica Castro when you blow out the candles on your cake on your 69th birthday?

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