This is the project that could unite Belinda and Danna Paola

Both are among the most successful Mexican artists of recent times; Belinda and Danna Paola share their love of music and acting, where they have stood out for their talent and beauty. However, despite the attempts of some producers to get them to work together on a show, so far they have not materialized. This is the case of the theater producer Alejandro Gou, who recently expressed his wish to have the two Mexican pop stars on the same stage.

In an interview with the morning show “Today”, the theater producer Alejandro Gou is the one who has stated again that his desire is to reunite Belinda and Danna Paola so that they participate in the same project. “We are fighting to get Danna and Belinda together, I can’t take my finger off the line,” said Gou.

As it transpired at the time, the producer already made an attempt to reunite them when Danna was starring in one of his theatrical productions and Gou summoned Belinda to make a special appearance with a lead role, but Alejandro failed to get the blonde’s performance. And so far the reasons why Buy did not participate in the work. This insistence of the theater director is due to the fact that both artists, in addition to their musical careers and their trajectory as protagonists of soap operas, are also experienced musical theater actresses; at different times both have starred in the musical “Today I can’t get up”, exploiting their acting and vocal qualities to the maximum.

These coincidences are the ones that are believed to have raised the loss in terms of the supposed rivalry that the artists have between them. It was also like this when a while ago in a promotion of a single that he made Danna Paola For Spotify, she wore an outfit and hours later the interpreter of “Light without gravity” shared a photo with the same outfit, but that she would have used before the protagonist of Elite. To add spices to the alleged conflict, he was the boyfriend of Buy, the singer Nodal, who added fuel to the fire when at the bottom of the photo shared by his fiancée he wrote: “Reyna, everything looks better on you.” And of course this immediately set off speculation and it was the fans of both who picked up the glove and who began to foster the rivalry of the singers, filling with comments for and against each of their idols in question.

Belinda with her fiancé Nodal.
Source: Instagram Belinda

It gives the feeling that Buy wants to make it clear who follows in whose footsteps and since then it has been established among the fans of the artists, that there is rivalry between them and things would not be quite right. However, at different times, both have declared positive things about each other and have denied the conflict. Until today the dream of many of seeing them together Belinda Y Danna Paola in the same scenario, keep waiting. And it is because it would be the collaboration of the year if it were given the opportunity to see two giants of Latin American pop performing together. What a duo!

Danna Paola performance.
Source: Instagram Danna Paola

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