This is the degree of studies that Thalía achieved

Thalia She was born in Mexico City on August 26, 1972 and is the youngest of 4 sisters, Laura, Ernestina, Federica and Gabriela. At home they nicknamed her “Yuya”, because since childhood the famous artist already showed all her talent.

With only 1 year he participated in the production of a soda commercial for television and without a doubt, it was the beginning of everything. Faced with the uncertainty of what is the degree of studies that Thalía achievedIn addition to excelling in the entertainment world – for being a multidisciplinary artist – she never stopped wanting to learn.

Throughout his successful professional career, he has managed to develop in several different facets. In fact, she has proven to be a prominent singer, actress, TV and radio host, businesswoman, fashion designer, editor, songwriter, producer, and model.

It is admirable, but Thalía not only has great merit for being a multifaceted artist, but also because she succeeded in each and every one of them and the reality is that not everyone achieves it, in fact she is one of the most successful artists. awarded and recognized in the world.

Regarding the level of study, it is ensured that At age 4, she began taking ballet classes at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico. and attended the Liceo Franco Mexicano, where he learned to speak French fluently.

His beginnings were with his appearance on Televisa while accompanying his older sister who was an actress. Definitely started his artistic career at age 11 when he joined the group Din Din and that’s it At 12 he performed as a soloist at a famous Mexican festival called “Juguemos a Cantar.”

After different appearances in soap operas, successful record productions and outstanding recognitions such as awards until receiving a star on the Walk of Fame in recognition of his successes, his personal life never stopped.

Undoubtedly, beyond the degree of studies what did he achieve Thalia Or not, she showed that she is a very talented artist, who worked and dedicated herself in a disciplined way to be who she is today. Do not you think?

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