This is how they gun down the father and the youngest son to steal their car

A man and his 13-year-old son were assaulted when they were surprised by four armed and hooded robbers, when they left the garage of their house in the Buenos Aires town of Castelar, Morón, in a car, police sources reported to on Tuesday. ar.

The criminals, at 20 on Monday, to commit the robbery, got out of another car, which stopped as soon as they saw that the driver carried out the maneuver to enter a property located on Calle Casacuberta at 2700.

The assailants, in seconds, forced the victims to get out of the vehicle, shot them at them and forced them to hand over their personal belongings..

Immediately, one of the criminals was in command of the shooting of the victims, while the other three returned to the vehicle in which they arrived at the scene, after which both drivers accelerated and fled, and one of the cars had to avoid a collective when starting the escape.

This Tuesday, in dialogue with channel A24, the man whose vehicle was stolen, identified as Pablo, said that the criminals “They looked like rats that got into the car“and said that he was taking his son to soccer practice when the event occurred.

The victim, who in the video is seen raising his hands in an exalted way when the assailants flee, said that he yelled at the bus driver who was passing by: “They are robbing me, step on them!” Although he clarified: “But poor bus driver, what was he going to do? Maybe it would have been worse.”

Every day it becomes more difficult to live like this. We spoke with the rest of the parents to continue holding the soccer classes. But we say that when (the boys) are 16 or 17 years old, we pay them a trip to go to Spain or Italy to test themselves. It does not matter that they play in a team of the B (of those countries), but that they live another life, calmer”, He concluded.

The police actions were in charge of the Castelar Sur detachment, dependent on the third police station in Morón.

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