This is how the foreign press reported the Chiquihuite tragedy

Photo: Federal Civil Protection

Rescue work after the collapse in Chiquihuite continues

The news of rockslide on the hill of Chiquihuite, the houses that were buried and the disappearance than 10 people (four children and six adults) has been around the world and media such as The country, from Spain, and CNN, from the United States, have given extensive coverage.

Since Friday, September 10, on its website and social networks, the Spanish media in the country reported that the balance due to the fall of large stones had been at least two dead and 10 missing.

On its digital cover this Saturday, in addition to remembering the 20th anniversary of the tragedy in the Twin Towers that would change the world, The country highlighted the Chiquihuite collapse.

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Another of the media that covered what happened in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, was Los Angeles Times who titled his note: “Tragedy on the outskirts of Mexico City: A hill is torn apart and several houses were crushed.”

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The international medium CNN was another of those who added to the coverage of the tragedy that mourned Mexico by reporting, with videos and photos including the “Detachment of the Cerro del Chiquihuite on houses north of Mexico City.”

Latin American media like The printing press, from The Savior, also focused their attention on the collapse that this Saturday, September 11, continues to mobilize emergency and rescue bodies in Mexico.

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Coverage continues on Mexico and much of the world.

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