This is how Lourdes Ornelas looked when she had her first child

The loving relationship between Lourdes Ornelas and Camilo Sesto it was passionate and stormy alike. There were many encounters and disagreements, love and fights, passion and hatred. Of all this mixture of feelings, is that the first and only son of the two: Camilín.

Lourdes ornelas She was 25 when she became pregnant with Camilo Blanes. It was young, modern and, above all, he knew what he wanted. Although she was very happy for the arrival of her son, in the photos of that moment she always looks serious, not fully enjoying herself, perhaps that was because of the relationship she had with her son’s father.

What happened is that, when Camilo Sesto He found out that it would be a father, he was not very convinced, it was at that moment that Camilín’s mother stood up and said that she would have her baby. At four months of pregnancy it was that Lourdes ornelas She decided to leave Spain and went to Mexico to be accompanied by her family.

From that moment, until the baby was four months old, the interpreter of “Living like this is dying of love” completely disappeared from the map. Afterwards, she returned as if nothing had ever happened to recognize her son legally. It was at that moment that they decided to try again one more time and the three of them moved to Spain to start a family.

That project that the two of them had to build their lives together lasted about six years or so. But it wasn’t the fairy tale that Lourdes ornelas She thought it would be, that was why, tired of the mistreatment, she decided to flee with her little son to Mexico.

Lourdes ornelas She was a young woman who was very into fashion, because, although she was not an artist, she worked as an assistant to Lucía Mendez. He had long hair, about halfway down his back. Neither straight nor Chinese, somewhat wavy. Which he accompanied with a fringe split in half, leaving his forehead clear.

Source: El Universal

Her makeup was always heavy. He liked the marked and usually outlined eyes, red badges, and pink lips. Their looks She used to complete them with large earrings that stuck out of her loose hair, giving her a unique style.

As for the clothes he wore, at all times he was in fashion and super well combined. She wore outfits that highlighted her slim figure, but without being too revealing.

She was a very attractive woman who knew how to look good, looking modern and elegant at the same time. Do you like their style?

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