This is how it will be played in the year 2022

Today took place the extraordinary Assembly of the DIMAYOR virtually, in which the development of the Women’s BetPlay League for the year 2022 and several changes were established for this new edition.

For the first time, a women’s long championship will be played with an initial phase of all against all, as it is done in men’s professional football, League and BetPlay Tournament DIMAYOR.

A total of 17 teams will fight for the sixth women’s league in history, Sports Tolima, National Athletic, Independent Medellin, Millonaries FC, Deportivo Cali, Junior FC, Equity, America from Cali, Llaneros FC, Deportivo Pereira, Atlético Huila, Atlético Bucaramanga, Independiente Santa Fe, Fortaleza CEIF, Real Santander, Orsomarso SC and Cortuluá FC, are the institutions registered in this opportunity.

Regarding the game system, a total of 17 dates will be played, all against all, which will reveal the 8 best teams, which will advance to the quarterfinals of the competition.

Women’s BetPlay League: This is how it will be played in 2022. Photo: Vizzorimage

The best 4 will seed the worst 4, this will determine which team will close home in the round trip, likewise the winners of each key will go to the semifinals and the two winners will play the grand final.

The Women’s BetPlay League will start on February 20 and the final will be played on June 5However, it is unknown if there will be a championship in the second semester.

As for the teams and their players, all may register a total of 30 players, but only 5 foreigners may be on each campus.

Unlike men’s soccer, The Women’s BetPlay League maintains the option of making 5 changes by commitment and 7 players may go to the substitute bench, while in the male only 5.

Related to the quotas for international tournaments, Colombia maintains two places for the CONMEBOL Liberators Female, which will be for the team champion and the runner-up.

In recent years, women’s football in our country has had a great presentation at the national and international level, although continental titles have not been achieved, América de Cali and Independiente Santa Fe reached the last finals of the Libertadores, something that shows the good level of women’s football in coffee.

To also highlight the good number of players that our country exports each year, which shows the good future that the Selection Colombia Female.

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