This is how Cambia Mendoza’s triumph was experienced inside the bunker

In a climate of early euphoria, mayors, ministers, officials and a large number of militants accompanied the Change Mendoza in what was a historic journey for the space led by Rodolfo Suarez, who in his final speech inflated his chest and attacked the national government while television exposed that Peronism was losing ground at the national level. Meanwhile Alfredo Cornejo he harangued his militants and traveled to Buenos Aires without staying for the final act.

The front Change Mendoza he lived a “perfect” day, in which he won with 43.69% of the votes and consolidated his predominance in Mendoza territory. From the first minute of the day, the members of the provincial ruling party knew that the officialization of the victory was a matter of time. For previous polls indicated that polarization with the Front of All it would play a determining role, but with a considerable difference between the two forces.

Cambia Mendoza’s bunker was “a party.”

The bunker At the Aconcagua Hotel, a “cabal” place for radicalism, it was full of assistants related to the Government, who began to arrive around 6:00 p.m. and, with an air of mystery, indicated that the votes obtained would exceed widely expectations.

Victor Ibáñez, Ana Maria Nadal, Natalio Mema, Enrique Vaquié and Ana Maria Nadal were the first members of the Cabinet of Suarez to arrive. Meanwhile, curiosity about the results was looming. “The electoral day is completely successful. There was talk of a lack of participation, but the people of Mendoza showed that they are interested in attending to vote regardless of the political force,” said the Minister of Government, Víctor Ibáñez.

The Aconcagua hotel was full of people. Among them, many members of the provincial government.

Later, some mayors approached to appear in the photo. Among them stood out Tadeo Garcia Zalazarby Godoy Cruz; Sebastian Bragagnolo, from Luján de Cuyo and Ulpiano Suarez, of the City of Mendoza.

Around 20 the rumor was almost a fact and the celebrations began to take color. Alfredo Cornejo He arrived at the hotel and gave a brief preview, in which he stated that his front was the undisputed winner and that – with surprise – they had led in Maipú and San Rafael, historically Peronist municipalities.

Alfredo Cornejo is almost guaranteed a place in the National Senate.

At 9 pm, and once the results were published, the celebration of those present was immediate. In the meantime, the televisions of the place showed Anabel Fernández Sagasti and Adolfo Bermejo acknowledging the defeat of almost 20 points.

Then the arrival of Suarez -without Cornejo present, because he decided to leave quickly Buenos Aires- meant the final declaration of what happened. “These results fill us with joy because we know that it is the right course. Many said that people were not going to vote and actually did go to vote,” said the governor of Mendoza.

“We are telling the country that it is possible to govern with order in the State.”

Also, with the aim of “demonstrating unity”, Rodolfo Vargas Arizu and Josefina Canale – members of the internal competition – were within the closing ceremony.

The official list has senator as pre-candidates, in addition to Cornejo, a Mariana Juri and, as candidates for national deputies to Julio Cobos already Pamela Verasay.

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