This is how beautiful Maribel Guardia looks at 62

Maribel guard revealed in a recent interview to the program “Ventaneando” the consequences suffered after contracting COVID-19 at the beginning of this 2021.

“Note that the Covid did not affect me in that, it affected me in other things, because it left me very bad in memory, initially I was very worried. I saw a glass and I knew it was glass, but I couldn’t say glass. One day I was on a television show, the capital of France, Paris, and I couldn’t tell. The memory was terrible, I was very anguished “he pointed out. Maribel.

In the last hours, Maribel guard published a photograph on his official account Instagram that delighted a large part of his millions of followers around the planet. In it you can see the Latina displaying all her elegance in the patio of her home. The television host wore a distinguished lime green outfit, consisting of a blazer and a minishort; and a muscular woman in tune. The brunette complemented her look with loose hair, large earrings, matching shoes and a delicate make up.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the end” was the simple and thoughtful text that he chose. guard epigraph to accompany his recent snapshot in the popular network of the camera.

Source: Instagram Maribel Guardia

As expected, this post whose only protagonist is Joan Sebastián’s ex-wife was quickly filled with likes, easily overcoming the barrier of 10,000 hearts. In addition, the Latin artist received hundreds of messages of affection and praise towards her chosen look and her splendid physical figure, from her most loyal followers.

Source: Instagram Maribel Guardia


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